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Yocan Vaporizers

Yocan vaporizers are considered to be one of today’s best brands with products that represent the perfect marriage of affordability and dependability. That’s why many consumers are drawn to the allure of using and buying these products and why a lot of headshops and online stores prefer to carry devices from Yocan. But it’s there’s more to affordability and dependability to the brand than meets the eye, here are a few things that separate Yocan vaporizers apart from the competition.


Yocan has been manufacturing vaporizers for as long as we can remember. And with years of experience under its belt, the company is able to create some of the best devices on the market. They use only the best raw materials in manufacturing these devices allowing consumers to use vaporizers that can definitely keep up with their needs at only the faction of the cost of some of today’s top-tier brands. They make dry herb vaporizers, wax concentrate vaporizers, and oil vaporizers that are great not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients.

With Yocan’s devices, you’ll be able to take that quick fix or draw vapors from your prescribed extracts or botanicals for a quick relief.


Yocan vaporizers are the kind of devices you can easily pick up and use like a pro. Whether it’s their herbal pen, dab pen, or oil vape, you won’t find yourself ogling over thick user manuals and watching long YouTube tutorials. They are made to be innovative as well as intuitive so you won’t have to spend time learning new things just so you can take a draw of their devices. Regardless if you’re a seasoned veteran or if it’s your first time dabbling with vaporizers, Yocan vaporizers will definitely boost your confidence as a consumer in general.

Most of Yocan’s devices are made with just a single power button that you can use to power the device on, toggle through its various features, and activate the heating element. They’re made to be simple and straightforward means of consumption be it wax, dry herbs, or thick oils.


Yocan vaporizers are made in a way that they are unique and distinct. The company goes to great lengths just to manufacture devices that you won’t see somewhere else. Their weed vaporizers, concentrate vapes, and thick oil vaporizers are made in such a way that it separates them from the crowd, be it in terms of aesthetic quality or structural integrity.

The company holds multiple patents over devices that are unique only to Yocan.

That said, Yocan is arguably one of the most successful brands to ever enter the market. They know the stigma that comes with vaporizers made and manufactured from the other side of the globe but they aimed to prove the stigma wrong and create devices that boast superior technology and build quality and the crowd saw Yocan for who they are. Since the company’s inception, they managed to accumulate a strong following and quite a decent reputation being acknowledged by various individuals and organizations known to the vaping community.

Why Consumers Choose Yocan

Yocan has always been one of the fastest-moving products on most headshops and online vape stores. A lot of businesses are often booking orders for Yocan devices because new customers and even regular customers of these stores always go back to search for Yocan products.

But what exactly drives them back to the brand? Here are a few reasons why many consumers find Yocan as a brand of choice when it comes to buying vaporizers on most physical and online vape stores.


As we’ve briefly covered above, Yocan designs vaporizers in a way that even beginners would find usage and operation simple and easy. Their devices are designed and engineered with simplicity in mind and the brand has kept that thinking showing that ideology even to later devices under the Yocan banner.

One common element to their devices is the single power button. Prevalent in Yocan’s dab pens and oil vaporizers, this single power button can be used to control everything the device has to offer. You can turn the battery on and off by pressing the power button 5 times rapidly. Pressing the same power button for three consecutive times allows you to toggle through the different temperature profiles the battery is outfitted with. Pressing and holding the same button activates the heating element which allows you to then inhale the vapors. This technology can be seen on products like the Yocan Evolve, Evolve Plus, and Evolve Plus XL from the Evolve family. Vaporizers like the Yocan Pandon, Yocan Zeus, and Yocan Loaded share the same technology offering vapor production packaged in a user-friendly vaporizer.

That’s why consumers of all levels find that using Yocan’s products are more effective compared to those from more expensive brands that require them to sit down and pause just so they can breathe in and understand how the device works. By keeping their products simple and basic, Yocan gets to attract more consumers. So, if you own a physical or a virtual vaporizer shop, stocking up Yocan vaporizers will definitely keep sales up as more and more beginners get acquainted with vaping and Yocan vaporizers help ease the transition from smoking and other conventional means of consumption to vaping, a healthier alternative.


One of the main reasons why vaporizers from Yocan has gained unprecedented popularity amongst consumers is because of its affordability. They are priced somewhere lower than other vaporizers from brands that would otherwise price them twice or even thrice Yocan’s price point. That's why consumers wouldn't bat an eye about having to buy two vaporizers just so they can have a backup should their device breaks. Many consumers also buy additional Yocan products as gifts for friends and families that need a small and compact vaporizer they can rely on and depend on for consuming their select materials.

Usually, vaporizer sales go up during the holidays but Yocan vaporizers enjoy a steady flow of incoming customers because of how affordable their vaporizers are and how easily one can grab a hold of them. Because they’re cheap, you won’t have to save up just so you can buy a device from Yocan. By making their devices affordable, they make it easily accessible that people from all walks of life can get to enjoy the quality of products Yocan has to offer. And in doing so, Yocan makes its products more relatable. You don’t have to be rich or an above-average earner to know how it is to use a Yocan. Instead of making products that serve as a status symbol, Yocan wanted a product that can give everyone a fair chance at getting a healthy alternative to smoking and a safer alternative to dabbing.

And as the customers increase, so does the numbers in sales.


Having one vaporizer do the job of other vaporizers is always wonderful. Instead of buying one vaporizer that does the job of one, you’re getting two or three vaporizers for the price of one. On that note, many consumers look to Yocan for vaporizers that are made to be multi-purpose. If you’ve been following the brand, you’d see a particular pattern in their vaporizers. It allows the use of various materials like wax, weed, and oil.

Take the Evolve 2-in-1 and the Evolve 3-in-1 for example. The Evolve 2-in-1 is made to accommodate both herbs and wax concentrates while the Evolve 3-in-1 is made to accommodate botanicals, extracts, and oils. You’re basically getting two or three vaporizers by just paying only one. Yocan is a fan of practical devices which is why theirs are vaporizers that come with great value. It’s not the looks or the logo that you’re paying for when you buy Yocan products, it’s the practicality that comes with every vaporizer and the knowledge that their devices open up a window of opportunity in terms of the materials that can be used with it.

Not only does Yocan’s collection of vaporizers make for a great gift but it also makes for a profitable item if you own a business that has something to do with vaporizers.

Now that you know what separates the brand from the rest of the competition and why consumers love buying Yocan products, it’s time we talk about why you should be buying Yocan products in bulk.

Why Buy Yocan Wholesale?

As we’ve briefly covered above, Yocan products are fairly affordable, and buying them retail is fairly a good deal. But what about getting exclusive wholesale deals on Yocan products? Here’s why you should be considering going wholesale the next time you buy products from Yocan.

You can Save by Buying Wholesale

It’s true, wholesale deals often go with a cheaper price point. But why do companies sell their products wholesale? To set your expectations, the difference in price isn’t going to be from different ends of the spectrum but significant enough that wholesale buyers and wholesale sellers get some benefit and make some profit out of these deals. To make things easier let’s look at these deals from both the side of the wholesale seller and the wholesale buyer.

For the seller, selling in wholesale means a guaranteed sale. And because it’s wholesale, it means that the guaranteed sale is in large numbers. Because, the buyer will be buying in bulk, the seller will lower the price point sacrificing profit margin for the number of sales. And while it may sound like a bad thing, this transaction also benefits the seller.

Here’s how.

The more product is bought, the higher the chances that they get a larger share of the market. This also means that customers and end-users will have a better chance of finding and getting their hands on these products. Also, the increased supply means that all who need these items will have a fair chance of buying them.

If it still sounds far-fetched, the faster the items are being sold, the faster the supplier makes money out of it. So, the more items the wholesale seller sells, the faster they can make profit out of it. And, if you own a business, you know that money that sleeps brings you no profit.

On the side of the buyer, these wholesale deals allow you to get the products at a lower price point. The savings you make can translate not only in bigger profit but also exclusive promos you can pass on to your customers if you own a business. Say you bought Yocan vaporizers at a cheaper price because of a wholesale deal, you will be able to come up with several discounts that you can put up on your store. Time and time again, discounts and coupons are proven to draw in more customers because, at the end of the day, no one can resist a good deal.

When you buy retail, you’re basically getting the same price as anyone else and if you plan on selling the product you just bought, how are you going to make a profit out of it if you don’t increase the price. This does not make any sense when it comes to buying retail for business purposes because you’re just setting your business up for failure.

When you buy wholesale, you’re giving your customers a chance at more competitive prices. For headshop owners, word can easily spread that you’re selling vaporizers at a cheaper price and you’ll soon notice that customers will flock at your store because of the cheaper price point you’re selling your products at whether they’re Yocan or from another brand. If you own an online vape shop, you will soon notice that sales will move up because you’re selling them at a lower price and many visitors will visit your page, website traffic will increase and so will be the sales.

You can be Ahead of the Market

Here’s another reason why you should consider buying wholesale.

Wholesale sellers, like us, at Yocan Order, know the market in depth. This only means that we are always ahead of the market in terms of what’s hot and what’s not and that can be passed on to your store. We know the latest innovations and where else can you find the latest product? Of course, here at Yocan Order. We’re ahead of the times and if you sign up to be one of our wholesale partners, you’re getting access to products way before your competitors to get one on their shelves. Buying your goods, in this case, Yocan goods, from a wholesale supplier means that you’re getting them from a knowledgeable specialist and sometimes that makes a difference especially when you’re dealing with vaporizers.

Furthermore, because you’re buying wholesale, there’s a fat chance that you will always have the brand-new item in stock so your customers won’t have to wait for another delivery and maybe take the chance to look at other stores. Your customers will know that when they hear a brand-new release, your store will most likely have it and that’s how you keep them coming. If you’re a business owner, you’d know how important customer loyalty is and one way to build that is to make sure you always have items in stock. This is why buying wholesale is good for you and for your store. No need to wait and personally send customers a message that it will soon be in stock, they always will be.

Why Buy from Yocan Order?

Here, at Yocan Order, we know that wholesale companies are an important part of the entire supply and retail chain of vaporizer products. That said, we do our best to make sure that the Yocan vaporizer products we sell are of the best quality.

Here are a few reasons why you should take your wholesale business to Yocan Order.

We Sell Authentic and Original Yocan Vaporizers

We know exactly how it feels to get a dupe or a fake and that’s why we can’t blame people for actually having to steer away from cheap and affordable vaporizers. They tend to perceive these kinds of products to be made for the sole purpose of making money and ripping them off. We get it, you spend your hard-earned money on products that are meant only to deceive you. You get it in the mail, open it up, your gut tells you there’s something fishy but you use it otherwise. A week later, it’s no longer working. The battery won’t power on and the heating element won’t activate. It’s all a waste of a week’s worth of hard work.

Here, at Yocan Order, we promise to give you products that come directly from the source to make sure that the Yocan vaporizers we send your way are exactly as what you’d expect them to be. We know that there are a lot of fake products in circulation and is one of the most profitable brands, these pirates also started to target Yocan vaporizers. We ensure that our supply of wholesale products is official products from the manufacturer and that they are of the best quality for you and for your customers. Trust us that consumers will know whether or not you’re selling them fake vaporizers and it can spell the difference between loyal customers that will be back to buy replacement parts and new devices or customers that will leave your store with a bad rap and will tell their friends not to buy from you again.

We know that building a reputation as a headshop and as an online store of course has something to do about how you do business and how you deal with your customers but it also has something to do with the quality of the products you sell. That’s why it’s important that you start by buying wholesale products from Yocan Order and give your customers the quality of vaporizers they deserve. We will help you get these original and authentic Yocan vaporizers at a good price.

We Carry All Yocan Vaporizers

It’s good that you get to make deals with a wholesale seller but on some occasions, you’ve left sourcing other products simply because they do not carry them. However, with Yocan Order, you can enjoy access to a wide range of Yocan products from Yocan Vaporizers to Yocan’s accessories and other items. We carry them all, this makes shopping for your store made simple and easy because everything you need that’s produced by Yocan is here under one roof. We make shopping for Yocan vaporizers more convenient because we have it all. No need to search online or source other Yocan vaporizers yourself, we carry everything and offer competitive wholesale pricing. We can assure you that we always have stocks for bulk Yocan vaporizer orders.

We have a wide collection of current Yocan products and in colors that you won’t find in other stores. If you want your store to be the go-to when it comes to Yocan retail, make sure to get your Yocan products from Yocan Order. We also carry limited-edition Yocan vaporizers as well as collaborative exclusives. The kind of vaporizers you’ll have to search the deep web for, we’ve got them here for you. Whether you’re supplying collectors or simple end-users, buying wholesale from Yocan Order puts you in a good business position.

Because we carry all Yocan vaporizers, your business won’t be compromised. You can have these products to line your stores and have customers lining up whether to look for their next vaporizer or buy their first.

We Have the Latest Yocan Vaporizers

Having all of Yocan’s previous products may be one thing but having the latest is definitely another. And as you expect, we, at Yocan Order have it. From the latest 2020 colors of their previous vaporizers to the up and coming releases from Yocan, we have them for you. The same privilege of knowing what’s next can be passed on your store. This way your customers will know that when they want to see the latest vaporizers from Yocan, your store will be the one they would have to go to. Bonus, they’ll tell all their friends about it.

Because they know that your store carries the latest Yocan devices, it will somehow build an understanding and a habit of making your customers go to you not only for Yocan vaporizers but also for other vaporizer products. This will boost your store’s credibility and help you get more customers in the future.

Yocan Vaporizers Best Sellers

Through the years, Yocan has amassed quite the number of vaporizer products and we’ve got some of these best-sellers in our store. If you’re having a hard time trying to decide which Yocan product to put in your store, maybe these items will help make up your mind.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL

We’ll start this list with a bang. A lot of good vaporizers came from the Evolve family but none of them hit as hard as the Evolve Plus XL. It's even dubbed as the Yocan Evolve Plus evolved. It’s the height of what the Evolve family has achieved and many consumers look for this product on headshops and online stores. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL boasts a powerful battery with a likewise powerful heating element to boot. You can definitely enjoy dab rig-like rips when you dab with the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. For consumers who are always at home, the Evolve Plus XL delivers some of the best vapors that can knock them off their socks but it also offers face-melting power even when you’re on-the-go. In fact, it has a storage compartment allowing you to keep wax concentrates and dab on them when you’re out and about making it a truly versatile device to have wherever you are.

The latest 2020 version of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL boasts the same features with the better build quality and with more fun colors to choose from. Liven up your store’s collection of Yocan vapes with this best-selling device.

Yocan HIT Vaporizer

The HIT from Yocan is the epitome of dry herb vaporization. Many businesses line up to get this portable dry herb pen because their customers constantly bug them to get one of these. You’re sure to be the spot where dry herb botanical consumers flock to when you buy wholesale Yocan HIT Vaporizers. The Yocan HIT is the culmination of Yocan’s journey to come up with the best dry herb vaporizer that still fits most of the consumer’s budget. There are a lot of vaporizers on the market today but only the Yocan HIT can deliver vapors from a convection oven at such an affordable price point. It has the makings and features enough to make it compete with other devices from a higher price point. Consumers who want to experience convection heating see the Yocan HIT as a valid alternative and lets them consume various kinds of potent dry herb strains without the unnecessary irritants you get from inhaling smoke that’s a product of combustion.

On that note, buying the Yocan HIT in bulk ensures that you can have a steady supply of these dry herb vaporizers when a majority of your customers come asking for it.

Yocan Torch 2020

A bit of a throwback, the Yocan Torch 2020 is a domeless eNail that saw a halt in production. After quite the request to get it back rolling, Yocan decided that it’s time they let this beast out for another run. That said, it was given a major face-lift allowing the old dog to learn new tricks. Not only does the new Yocan Torch 2020 sport new colors but it also comes with a new heating element fit for the new times. It now packs Yocan’s latest Quartz Tri Coils allowing it to enjoy faster heating times and larger vapor productions. The Yocan Torch already has the power, to begin with, but the much-needed update gave Yocan’s domeless eNail the refresh it deserves to keep up with similar products on the market. The fact that a lot of people have requested to bring Yocan’s best-selling eNail out of resurrection means that you’re looking at a lot of potential sales for your store.

Yocan Dive Mini Vaporizer

Another device that’s been constantly getting attention because of its unique build is the Yocan Dive Mini Vaporizer. This small and compact device is the predecessor of The Yocan Dive that allows you to consume your select wax concentrates directly from the wax concentrate container. See, Yocan was able to produce devices that worked like terp pens even before terp pens became popular proving the company’s engineering and development team were way ahead of its time. That said, there are a lot of consumers today looking for the Yocan Dive Mini because it acts as a solid alternative to more expensive devices that boast the same feature. Furthermore, the Yocan Dive Mini adds something even better by offering the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning into the slew of features it offers. The Yocan Dive Mini became such a hit that it has the potential to elevate your sales numbers.

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod

The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is the peak of what universal cartridge vaporizers aim to achieve. It offers compatibility with a wide range of 510-threaded cartridges from those that use wax concentrates, thick CBD oils, and other forms of e-liquid extracts. It can also be used with pre-filled cartridges and refillable cartridges up to 12mm in width. The Yocan UNI Pro also boasts precision temperature control that many consumers are able to find their sweet spot when using the Yocan UNI Pro for their daily dabbing needs.

Yocan has a lot of devices to offer that have made a mark in the vaporizer industry. We offer these products at wholesale prices to our partners giving them a competitive edge. If you’re interested to become one of our wholesale partners, kindly send us a message or fill out our wholesale application form.