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Oil Vaporizers

As a company that manufactures a wide range of devices, Yocan has also found its way into the thick oil vaporizer platform. They have focused on manufacturing oil vaporizers with pod-based systems as well as those with box mod batteries. The same way they excelled in manufacturing wax vaporizers; the company has shown prowess in manufacturing oil vaporizers. As an industry leader and a veteran in manufacturing vaporizers, Yocan saw the growing potential of the developing oil vaporizer market and have decided to bank on this up and coming platform. On that note, the company has devoted its resources to producing some of the best oil vaporizers on the market today.

For end consumers as well as retail store owners, the Yocan brand has cemented its name after releasing the Evolve 2.0, a universal pod system that offers superior compatibility with a wide variety of materials like wax, e-juice, and oil. And while the brand needs no introduction in the oil vaporizer platform, here are a few things that separate them from other oil vaporizer companies. 


For an oil vaporizer to be simple and straightforward is one thing but for an oil vaporizer to be versatile is another. That’s because ever since the inception of oil vaporizers, they were made with simplicity in mind. Most of the early and even today’s oil vaporizers are made with draw-activated batteries. What that means is that they trigger the heating element by the force made when you inhale from the mouthpiece. And while it makes for a simpler means of consuming oils, it limits your ability to customize your sessions. That said, oil vaporizers will usually have a single temperature setting and no means to personalize or control the temperature. Yocan oil vaporizers are often outfitted with a power button as average dab pens would have and allow you to enjoy versatility like no other oil vaporizer would. This makes it such a hit for many consumers spelling profit for vape store and headshop owners.  


Even before the Evolve 2.0 was released, Yocan was already making multi-purpose devices. Maybe not on a universal level, but definitely something that allows consumers to use a wide variety of cartridges in oil vaporizer batteries. The earlier vaporizer models have cross-compatible components that can be used with Yocan’s other oil vaporizers. This ability to use compatible components on Yocan’s oil devices makes their products a practical option when it comes to consuming oil of various compositions. For consumers, this means twice the production of replacement parts in terms of cartridges and for retail businesses, a constant demand for oil vaporizer and oil vaporizer parts.


One of the main reasons why Yocan oil vapes and Yocan vaporizers, in general, is such a hit with consumers is that they’re easily accessible to the general public. That means that you don’t have to save up money just to get your hands on these devices nor you should have to be a member of a certain social class to be eligible to get and use their oil vaporizers. Any regular dude wanting to enjoy consuming their select oils, be it CBD or THC-based, can pick up one of these and just experience flavorful sessions. This is also beneficial not just for consumers but also for store owners because a lot of people would choose more affordable alternatives like Yocan’s oil vapes.

Wholesale Yocan Oil Vaporizers

Yocan is home to some of the best oil vaporizers on the market for the aforementioned reasons we’ve briefly covered above. They’re versatile, cross-compatible with other vaporizers, and are affordable making them a desirable bunch of vaporizers that attract a wide range of consumers. This is one of the many reasons why Yocan oil vaporizers are often bought wholesale by retail business owners that run headshops and vape stores.

See, when you buy Yocan oil vapes in bulk and in wholesale, you’re getting the advantage of lower prices compared to other purchasers who may simply buy in bulk but not with wholesale prices. Because you save money when you purchase wholesale, you can either lower your prices to make them more competitive or come up with bonuses and discounts to make customers come or keep them coming to your store. This is why many business owners scout for various wholesale sellers since they can make more profit when they procure their items this way. This also means that they can secure a good number of items that they wouldn’t have to worry about sourcing Yocan oil vaporizers that will be sold at the same price point. 

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