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Atomizers & Coils

Yocan is a company that believes in building high-quality vaporizers from the ground up. This means that they create vaporizers that are made with dependable components to form devices that are relatively reliable and dependable. These components include vaporizer atomizers and coils. Yocan has been known for its iconic heating element, the Yocan quartz dual coil atomizer. However, there are also a few other coils and atomizers that make the brand more popular. If you want to know more about these atomizers and coils as well as how these replacement parts can help you with your business, check out these characteristics that make Yocan atomizers and coils a worthy wholesale investment.


Yocan has always been a brand that’s crazy about cross-compatible components, and here’s why. Having parts that are cross-compatible with other devices from Yocan’s collection of wax vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and even oil vaporizers, makes for a practical choice from a manufacturer’s standpoint. They can continue production of these parts without paying heed to the possibility of any of the models they are compatible with phasing out. Batteries with compatible heating elements are those from the Evolve family especially the batteries that use the brand’s iconic quartz dual coil. On that same note, you as a retail store owner can also enjoy having these items in your warehouse without the fear of losing the demand for these coils should the batteries it’s compatible with phases out. This makes Yocan coils and atomizers a safe investment not only for consumers but also for vape store and headshop owners alike.

Ease of Use

As you could imagine, Yocan relies heavily on 510-threaded connection and has managed to find a way not only to repurpose these atomizers with 510-threaded connections but to have them keep up with the times by using magnetic rings that are compatible with 510-threaded atomizers. That said, apart from enjoying wide battery compatibility, consumers will also experience and enjoy a great deal of convenience when using these coils and atomizers. Experienced veterans are used to having to twist and turn the atomizers and the batteries that they don’t mind and even notice it. However, beginners and newcomers who are just trying out vaping with Yocan’s herbal vapes, dab pens, and oil vaporizers who are used to everything that connects seamlessly can enjoy the convenience of using magnets. Same technology, different methodology. Because of how simple and easy it is to use, many consumers are attracted to using Yocan atomizers and coils as well as Yocan vaporizers in general. This brings more customers therefore the demand increases and the sales number go up.

Made of High-Quality Materials

To ensure the atomizers and coils perform to the brand’s promise, Yocan ensures that they use only the best raw materials in manufacturing these products. Having been situated in the heart of China’s industrial region, Yocan has immediate access to some of the best materials the industry has to offer and gets them at a competitive price. This allows Yocan to make high-quality products, such as their atomizers and coils, and still pass them on at an affordable price. Fans of the brand know how well these atomizers perform and since stuck to Yocan’s heating elements for their vaporizers.

Why Buy Yocan Atomizers and Coils Wholesale

Like many of Yocan’s products, their atomizers and coils make for a good investment for consumers and stores alike. These heating elements come in a variety of configurations and are sold in packs of 1 or a bundle of 5. This allows your customers to enjoy a wide choice of cross-compatible atomizers and coils that they can use either to personalize their sessions or to spice up their daily medication. Buying Yocan atomizers and coils on wholesale lets you get these heating elements in bulk and at lower prices. If you know vaporizers, you’d know that coils and atomizers are where the money is. That’s because all atomizers and all coils will eventually have to be replaced. Regardless of what kind of material the heating element is made of it’s bound to wear out. The constant cycles of heating and cooling give the heating element a beating and cause it to weaken. With a weak structural integrity, it only takes exposure to the chemical change of either wax, weed, or oil to cause the atomizer and the coil to break. When that happens, your customers will eventually go back and buy atomizers. Guess who will profit from having a substantial supply of Yocan atomizer and coil when that happens?

How to Buy Yocan Wholesale?

We, at Yocan Order, want you to reap the benefits of buying in bulk with wholesale prices. You can take advantage of this opportunity by filling out our form and submitting the requested information to apply as our wholesale partner. Are you ready to take your store to the next level? Join us today at Yocan Order.