Collection: Other Yocan Parts & Accessories

Other Yocan Parts & Accessories

Aside from the common parts and accessories that Yocan makes, they also make other accessories including magnetic rings where you twist your threaded heating element and then slide it to make a connection to the battery. Yocan also makes coil caps that you can use to cap the coil of your Yocan atomizers allowing it to enjoy the same kind of flavor and heat retention as you would a dab rig. Another variety of Yocan’s other parts and accessories is the mouthpieces they make. They have been revolutionizing mouthpieces by incorporating other features to an otherwise boring mouthpiece. These features include the tamp-down mouthpiece and a mouthpiece with a stir tool. These parts and accessories make Yocan’s collection a bit more extensive and interesting.

Aside from being interesting, these parts and accessories can help both consumers and businesses. Here’s why.

They are Important Parts

Although categorized as other parts and accessories, these parts and accessories are extremely important parts. Especially the magnetic rings, they make for a vital component since they bridge the gap between the atomizer and the battery and without them, you’ll have a hard time making your vaporizer to work. Likewise, the mouthpiece makes for a vital part of the vaporizer which means that you cannot draw from the vaporizer without it. Because of its importance, you will have many customers coming in and out of your shop and you will have customers compelled to buy these parts and accessories. There are several reasons customers have why they have to replace it from losing the small parts as well as breaking them. Nevertheless, they make for a great investment especially because these are the type of parts and accessories that you need to buy immediately should you lose it.

They Elevate Your Experience

One of the reasons why they are important is because they elevate your experience. Think of the coil caps. As we’ve mentioned earlier, they provide your wax concentrates the same environment as what carb caps do to dab rigs. As an entrepreneur, you would know that any part or accessory that enhances their experience is something that they will have to procure consistently. Consumers will flock to your store in search for buying what could enhance their experience. It’s pretty much like having a car, you simply can’t stop upgrading to get better performance. The same contagious effect that haunt car owners infect vaporizer users which makes it a great addition to your store.

They Help Consumers

Items like the Yocan Dab Tool allows consumers to scoop up wax concentrates from a wax concentrate jar to the actual heating element. This ensures that they can easily enjoy their wax concentrates without having to scoop them up without having to use their hands. While there are a lot of available dab tools on the market, the one made and manufactured by Yocan allows consumers to use a legitimate dab tool made by the company. These parts and accessories from Yocan are practical tools that allow consumers to transfer their wax concentrates from one point to another all while wearing their love for the brand. As a retailer, you could be surprised with how much consumers can be devoted to a certain brand.

Why to Buy Wholesale

Stocking up your store with the right number of items is important, that’s why experienced retail store owners always buy products at wholesale. Apart from having to secure a good number of items keeping your store covered for quite a good amount of time, buying other Yocan parts and accessories in wholesale lets you procure these items in a lower price point. This way you can save money when you buy in bulk and your business can benefit from this decrease in price.

You can also enjoy a wider variety of products when you buy your store items wholesale. We, at Yocan Wholesale, offer a wide collection of Yocan parts and accessories that you can stock up your store with. Items from Yocan that you might have a hard time finding when you shop for it on other retail stores. We’ve got everything from vaporizers, batteries, atomizers, and of course, other parts and accessories. When your customers find out about your collection of vaporizer products, they’d have more reasons to return to your store and stock up on these items themselves.

How to Buy Yocan Wholesale

You can get your Yocan parts and accessories online in bulk and in wholesale prices when you buy from Yocan Order. Just fill out our wholesale form to become our wholesale partner. Give us the necessary information and we’ll get back to you after one business day or as soon as we receive your email.